By Patrick

Now I am finally getting started. I am writing these words.

I am opening up to consciousness and just going with the flow. Closing my eyes, feeling inside, deep breath.

Aligning my body to ease tension. Turning my head rolling the neck. two big circles und the shoulders, and hands to the keyboard….. wow, I can’t believe how easy it is once I started, how it feels so easy to just start writing along. Sometimes editing a bit, rewriting words and parts of sentences.

How did I get so lucky and manifest this flow after all these years of procrastination ?
I have to admit, I manifested a “kick in the ass”, I do need some pressure and accountability sometimes. (It’s past midnight, I am tired and need to get up early, but although my body is exhausted, I am super excited to update this blog)

Bild von einem Mann mit hohen Bewusstsein
Titelbild für einen Blogpost

But another big reason is not to let my new creative friend down.
I met Latifa online a couple of weeks ago after she was looking for some volunteers who would take her editing class and give feedback.
During our second project call we decided to start a project together, fusing our creative energies, online world and offline world together and so the spiritual affiliate was born.

How can we use our creativity to help and support other people to express themselves and to start bringing their ideas and inspirations online and live abundantly through conscious affiliation?

Where am I on the learning curve?

Installed a wordpress blog a few weeks ago, didn’t put much love to it, only uploaded one text and one picture.
‘Just listened to Latifas beautiful Voice message on whattsapp, got motivation to change the design of the blog, according to her inspiration. Got excited to write, and so I just started….

So where do we start?
Setting up a WordPress site. Yes, it seems intimidating at first glance, yes it is overwhelming, but slowly and steadily things fall into place and are coming along.
Now it is time to just write, and maybe chose a picture or two for each post, very quickly it will look beautiful, maybe the magic number is three posts so the landing page can show a small variety of energies to choose from. well, this post is a good start.

Enough for today, I’ll just quickly publish and maybe fiddle around a bit, but going to sleep now happy and accomplished that finally the first step is made…..

Action step 1:

Setting up a blog

Writing first blogpost.

Question: what kind of person are you? Do you rather work alone or with a friend? do you need an accountability partner? Maybe find a friend to collaborate? Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll find you a writing buddy if you wish.

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