We are Patrick and Latifa .
Two creative souls who found each other online connecting about collaborative online projects. Through this cooperation we got the Idea to work on a project together and so welcome to our blog the spiritualaffiliate.com

When people come together, the greatest miracles can arise. We complement each other in many ways. That’s why we’re so excited to run this blog that allows us to inspire and guide people like you. It’s nice that you’re here.

This is me Patrick

Hello guys,

my Name is Latifa and I´m a spirt. I love to design, write, draw and meditate, but above all, I love to inspire others. If I could be described with a saying, it would be as follows: “The earth is my mother, the universe is my home and love is my motivation.”

I’m here with Patrick to give you a advice for your life. I learned many lessons in my life in the hard way until a friend came up to me and said: “Latifa, why are you doing this? There are people who have already gone the way before you. Pay attention to their clues, take their words to your heart and learn from their mistakes, so you don´t have to make the same. This gives you space to make other deeper experiences in your life.”

That’s why I sit here in the background of this homepage, research, write and design to make your life a little easier. Be inspired by me and Patrick, follow our offers, read through our posts and live your way so that it fully fills you.

You are wonderful. We are wonderful.

Much Love to you & Many Blessings


Listen to my voice and let me read me my welcome text to you.

You want to know more about me?