In order to manifest a thriving online business and presence, one has to build the right financial infrastructure to be able to send and receive. This might be a combination of traditional banks for online banking, common email based providers like paypal, and Crypto Accounts that feature Credit Cards.

For traditional online banking, it is best to check best options in your country/region.

This article focusses on financial online infrastructure.

  1. Paypal

Recommending Paypal is a little dilemma for me. There are pros and cons about it. Being a spiritual affiliate – means to me that I have to stand behind the things that I promote, and not just promote random things just for the money.

You have to be careful with paypal. If you do business with it, and people pay you, they can ask their money back even some months later. Also they can freeze your account and ask for more documentation.

Also recently there was a scandal about threatening to fine users for wrongspeech.

But I also had many good experiences with Paypal. Firstly during my travels it has helped me several times.

Also once I ordered shamanic Plant medicine (actually it was frog medicine) from south america. it turned out the facebook person was a fake (disgzuising as a shamaness) and the medicine never arrived- the facebook profile was changed and it was clear it was a scam- and I repoorted it to paypal after about 6 weeks-

and I did get the money back. So it goes both ways.

Also my very first 100 dollars affiliate comission (for a sound meditation product) I received on Paypal.

Anyway, there seems to be no way around Paypal for now,

therefore I recommend getting one, just to be able top send and receive, mostly I use the ‘family and friend’ feature.

  1. Crypto Wallets with Credit Cards