Can Affiliate Marketing be for Spiritual people ?

This post is for anyone that consideres themself a spiritual person, no matter whether you are a yoga or Breathwork practitioner or teacher, a holistic health worker, herbalist, or just regular person connected to spirit that has heard about  affiliate marketing and isn’t sue what to make of it.
Affiliate marketing is a tool to connect buyers with sellers online, and can reward you with financial abundance. 
Marketing and finance may often be viewed as something negative, capitalistic, exploitative that just wants to make money at all costs while tricking people to buy stuff they don’t need.

But what if affiliate marketing can spiritual? 

At the spiritual affiliate we believe that it is possible to live a life true to your spiritual calling while creating financial abundance through affiliate marketing that connects amazing content to seekers in order to create a win win win situation for all parties. The person who is looking for services, the person who is selling services and you- The spiritual affiliate.

It absolutely is possible to generate abundance online without selling your soul and without shady business practices- all while staying true to yourself and following your spiritual path.
The spiritual Affiliate core principles:

Serving instead of “selling”

Promotion of products that uplift humanity in connection with spirit

Integrity and honesty, customer and spirit first and the abundance will follow