We already talked about setting up digital financial infrastructure.

Now it is time to look at Crypto. But What is Crypto?

Crypto, short for Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Etherium, Digital Currencies, Digital Money- there are many different names and things that describe what is usually called “Crypto”. Here some of the most important Cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin, the digital Gold
  • Etherium, the digital Silver and also an infrastructure as basis for many etherium based projects
  • Ada Cordano, a well planed and designed alternative currency.
  • Polygon Matic, a Etherium alternative with many interesting features
  • Shiba Inu Coin, originally a Meme Coin with one of the most dedicated fanbase with unbelievable community driven sucess story
  • Cronos and BNB (Binance) Coins used for these famous and useful trading platforms as base token. These platforms have Credit Cards that connect the Crypto with the traditional finance world- after all Crypto is real money, that can be used as such, for example to buy goods and services, online and offline.

Here is a list of platforms / Apps that are worth to open an account and get a Credit Card and buy and trade Cryptos on their platforms:

All of these Projects have Credit Cards associated with it, and you can use them normally and also get money out of an ATM. They have good Apps where you can buy and sell different crypto currencies.

It is important to chose legitimate projects and to do your research first. Before you invest money you should google the projects, read reviews, and make sure it is legitimate.

It is always better not to put everything in one basket. So instead of investing 1000 dollars into one project, it is better to invest 250 into four different projects. You never know if a project fails, gets hacked, disappears or anything else.

Things to look out for:

SCAMS (rugpulls, network/pyramid systems) always check for legitimacy of a project. Check if the coin/trading platform is listed on websites such as coinmarketcap.com before you invest.

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